Hi all,

It is been more than two years that Emerson Electic Co. is using WLSDM and WL-OPC together. I have to admit that Soumya (Soumya Prakash Mishra) and his team helped us much to enhance the product. Another big thanks to Ramanpreet (Ramanpreet Singh Ahluwalia) one of hidden hero at Emerson :) I witness how Ramanpreet increased his Oracle FMW and operational skills by using WLSDM... A great applause to Emerson team. Really well done and it is a great chance to work with these IT guys who cares their company Emerson very much.

What we did so far; Emerson interacted "206" times with our support team. WLSDM generated thousand of alarms, Emerson solved hundreds of cases. Emerson requested a lot of enhancements and WLSDM delivered more than that they've requested... As a result we like to work together to leverage Emerson's operational excellence on the lead of Soumya and Tilak's (Tilak Mamidi) management.

What we have learnt while monitoring and managing Emerson's FMW and Oracle WebLogic infrastructure;

  1. Always take care WLSDM alerts and try to make it never come again. The ultimate result is better WebLogic and Java application performance.

  2. Keep monitor your database from WebLogic application server aspects.

  3. Do not waste time to write WebLogic health and any other custom WLST scripts, do it from MBean metric browser. Because you have the options such as; CLEAR notifications, storing historic data, getting reports, customizing HTML email design, adding DevOps custom action to be triggered automatically when the given threshold exeeds... etc.

  4. Always try to decrease your work loads; like log content/file requests, thread dump requests, dumps... etc. Just give WLSDM console to your internal customers as a self-service console then save time for the high level solutions.

  5. Writing individual scripts is not a good solution. Instead writing and integrating a teamwork standard script is more manageable and sustainable.

  6. WebLogic domains are living organizations never think that you have tuned and completed to get best performance on a WebLogic domain. Another WebLogic deployments can ruin all your efforts. Use WLSDM, solve your chronic WLSDM alerts and transform your WebLogic domain from much WLSDM alert creator to least WLSDM alert creator then deliver it to L1 7/24 team to follow up WLSDM notifications constantly.

  7. Always keep your WebLogic AdminServer healthy, UP, RUNNING and Responsive... A fast WebLogic and WLSDM console are the keys for the fastest WebLogic domains ;)

Below is the shape of success at Emerson while they are delivering the best performance to their clients.

If you wonder who is Soumya and how he manage all his team and Emerson's massive infrastructure then take a look to this page and read his story:

Emerson’s WLSDM Review and Outputs (In Their Own Words)

When we decided to write this product there were tones of alternatives in the market and none of them was good to cope with Oracle WebLogic's perfect architecture. And still, all other APM tools is not at the league of WLSDM. We are recommending to use your APM solution and WLSDM at the same time. Because, WLSDM completes best your WebLogic console and APM solutions.

Stay tuned and keep your WebLogic AdminServer UP and RUNNING :)

M.Fevzi Korkutata

WLSDM Product Manager