Hi Everybody,

WLSDM v1.2.0 released and ready to monitor mission critical WebLogic production domains.

Check these basic insallation steps;

1- Download WLSDM product:

2- Install WLSDM by following installation guide:
* WLSDM Installation Guide Document * WLSDM Installation Tutorial on Youtube

** Or never mind just copy wlsdm.war to $DOMAIN_HOME/console-ext folder. That's all :)

3- Complete WLSDM wizard for the first installation by watching wizard tutorial:
* Wizard Completion Tutorial on Youtube

4- Watch other tutorials on Youtube for getting familiar with WLSDM. You'll see it's really easy to adopt :)
* Dashboard Usage Tutorial on Youtube * Learn How to get Thread Dump, JFR (Java Fligh Recorder), JVM Heap Dump, WLDF Diagnostic Image * Learn WLSDM Metric Usage and email configurations for ALERT and CLEAR notofications

Hope, WebLogic administators enjoy using WLSDM. We designed and implemented this product according to WebLogic administrators' requests.

If you have any problem, do not hesitate to post it on WLSDM community portal.

Keep smiling because you're using WebLogic and WLSDM :)