There are a lot of classic routines while administrating and managing Oracle WebLogic domains. Such as;

1) Could you please send me the WebLogic and/or application LOG files?
2) Could you please upload these files to the server(s)?
3) Could you please send me the "X" files on the server?
4) Could you please tell me what is current value in this file?

Mostly developers and administrators require these jobs to be done while working on Oracle WebLogic Server environments.

WLSDM has two important modules while managing these requests. It totally gives you the power to automate your ongoing WebLogic Server operational issues.

Just give access permission to developers to use WLSDM console and let them using a self service console to search/download/view/tail/upload/download their own logs and you keep automating WebLogic availability by eliminating manual support requests.

  1. You can enable "Log Viewer & Tailer" page access to the NON-Administrator users. i.e. Users (=developers) who have monitor role can access this page to see WebLogic logs, download files, upload files, create folders... etc.

  2. Developers can view WebLogic and applications logs. (WebLogic Server Logs, Domain Log, HTTPAccessLog, DataSourceLog, Custom log4j Application logs... etc.)

  3. Developers can download all logs

  4. Developers and administrators can send as email all the logs.

  5. Developers can navigate and surf on the authorized folder paths

  6. Developers can upload their deployment or any other files

  7. Developers can create folders

  8. Administrators can change file/folder permissions

  9. Developers can view any text files on the servers


By using these features you can increase the interactivity between developers and WebLogic domains.

Administrators would decrease their daily manual WebLogic operations and developers concentrate on business or code errors.

We have created a short tutorial about using WLSDM "File Explorer" and "Log Viewer and Tailer" pages.

Watch below YouTube tutorial for your reference:

M.Fevzi Korkutata
WLSDM Product Manager