Hello Oracle WebLogic and Java Cloud Service PaaS Community :)

We have prepared a new tutorial about installing WLSDM on Oracle Java Cloud Service. WLSDM is one of the best and fastest way to monitor your PaaS cloud service or on-prem WebLogic infrastructure. If you are already using an existing APM tool in your environment; WLSDM is still a great tool to extend your WebLogic console. It completes APM tools best; because it helps to administrators and developers to increase interactivity with WebLogic domains. WLSDM is able to work together with other JVM agents at the same time; because WLSDM injecting nothing to runtime JVM codes. If your existing monitoring solution is quite expensive and really hard to manage/operate it just replace with WLSDM. Because, WLSDM works as a microservice and does not require any additional server, cpu, memory... etc. Just plug and hand over WLSDM console to your L1 team. WLSDM take cares the rest.

Follow below instructions to install WLSDM on Oracle Java Cloud Service (JCS) or on-premise WebLogic domains.

Watch the complete video tutorial and learn how to install WLSDM in less than 5 minutes :)

▪ Go to Oracle cloud “My Services” console

▪ Open Java Cloud Service console

▪ Download smart dashboard, installer zip package: http://www.wlsdm.com/download

▪ Find readme page and follow, step by step “quick installation guide” http://www.wlsdm.com/docs/README#IV.Installation

▪ Login to “Oracle Java Cloud Service”, “WebLogic console” and make sure, servers are, in running states

▪ At first, upload installer zip package (wlsdm.zip) to Oracle JCS virtual server

▪ Setup SSH connection to JCS virtual server

▪ Step-1: Copy agent jar file, to WebLogic domain home folder

▪ Step-2: Add startup JVM arguments, to WebLogic managed servers

▪ Step-3: Restart, WebLogic managed servers then check smart dashboard agent log file

▪ Step-4: Copy war file to WebLogic domain “console-ext” folder

▪ Step-5: Restart WebLogic admin server

▪ Check WebLogic admin server startup logs to see that smart dashboard WLSDM is deployed successfully

▪ Last Step! Access to smart dashboard console to complete quick configuration wizard on Oracle Java Cloud Service domain

▪ Smart dashboard configuration wizard completed successfully. Click to finish button and access smart dashboard WLSDM console

▪ Monitor Oracle WebLogic server states and health.

▪ Monitor Oracle WebLogic server and virtual machine JVM resources, CPU and Memory consumptions

▪ Let’s see how to monitor deployed applications’ back-end operations

▪ Access web application that deployed to Oracle Java Cloud service to create transactions

▪ Go to back-end dashboard, check JDBC and EJB charts, on Smart Dashboard console

▪ Monitor EJB Business events, monitor JDBC SQL statements on Oracle Java Cloud Service or on-premise Oracle WebLogic server by using smart dashboard WLSDM console

▪ Monitor Oracle WebLogic managed servers’ Garbage Collection durations

▪ Monitor managed servers MBean metric values

▪ View WebLogic hogger and stuck threads and get notifications immediately

▪ Use smart dashboard then increase your WebLogic runtime performance and availability; whether cloud or on premise

Watch and Learn How to install WLSDM on Oracle Java Cloud Service

Happy increasing WebLogic management quality!

Find more and get support: http://community.wlsdm.com

Fevzi Korkutata
WLSDM Product Manager