Previously on WLSDM blog, we announced our products new release with “New Release WLSDM 3.7.1 and WL-OPC 1.2.0 is common available!” post.

WLSDM and WL-OPC release offers a complete Oracle FMW product stack monitoring infrastructure for your FMW domains and their system components and instances. In this blog post, we have created another tutorial to learn how to monitor and diagnose Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) Components and Instances.

First of all, let’s talk about that “What is Oracle Traffic Director?”.

What is Oracle Traffic Director(OTD)?

"Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) implements a layer-7 software load balancer. Similar to the Apache Web server, the OTD can be used for reliable HTTP, HTTPS and also (this is different from Apache) TCP communication. OTD acts as a reverse proxy and/or load-balancer to application server clusters sitting in the core network (backend). Oracle Traffic Director provides different load-balancing methods and rules. Like other web-server, it also supports caching. OTD also supports a number of additional quality of service features. Instances of Oracle Traffic Director can be grouped together to form active-active or active-passive clusters." Structure-OTD

Oracle Traffic Director EM Console Screen Captures



How to monitor and diagnose Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) Components and Instances with the help of WLSDM?

1.Go to “Smart Dashboards > FMW Component Health” page. Instances-OTD

2.Check below screen capture, you are able to see OTD Components and Instances Health States into FMW Components dashboard. Instances-OTD

Also, you are able to see FMW Component Health History from the right bottom on the page.

Change “History Data Load Range” to see older data from the top right corner.
OTD ComponentHistory-OTD

WLSDM Screen Captures to monitor OTD ComponentHistory-OTD ComponentHistory-OTD

Video Tutorial about monitoring OTD Components and Instances

We have prepared a trailer to monitor Oracle Traffic Director Components & Instances by using WLSDM. WLSDM installation is really easy and you can setup a complete monitoring infrastructure in less than 5 minutes.

If you want to try then go to WLSDM download page.

Youtube Video Tutorial: