Today is another WLSDM release day for Oracle WebLogic Application Server. v3.2.2 is common available to download for upgrade or new installation. Our customers and we like new WLSDM releases; because its upgrade is about 2 minutes:

  1. Replace wlsdm_agent.jar file and restart installed managed server(s)
  2. Replace wlsdm.war file and restart WebLogic admin server.

That's all. New v3.2.2 is installed and your configurations, data, definitions will be kept and you are going to able to use new version features. Really easy to manage the upgrade!

Yes, this release is a customer enhancement release and we got lots of recommendation from our users, clients and the community. Then analyzed all of them and made them live in v3.2.2

Here are the highlights for the new release:

  • Supports Oracle WebLogic officially and "WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool) Web Console" works for every WebLogic version.

  • Scheduler module is available anymore. Visualize your CRON jobs and scripts in WLSDM. Because when you add some scripts in server cron jobs they mostly disappears in long term and hard transfer knowledge to another colleague. Also if there is a planned maintenance work you can add "Downtime Job" to disable WLSDM monitoring and notifications. Watch the screen cast. (Screen cast available at the bottom)

  • JVM System resources dashboard shows machine (server) CPU and Memory usage information. If the server CPU usage is more than 96% trigger SMTP/SNMP/Web-Push notifications. Check the screen capture for "JVM Dashboard". (Screen capture available at the bottom)

  • Garbage Collection monitoring would be a joy anymore. One of the most enjoyable thing is to decrease or tune GC (stop the world) duration while working with JVMs and Oracle WebLogic. WLSDM offers you a lot of live WebLogic garbage collection JVM monitoring solutions, tools and screens. Discover the WLSDM WebLogic garbage collection dashboard. I am sure you are going to love it. (Screen capture available at the bottom)

  • Continuous JFR (Java Flight Recorder): After applying "-XX:+FlightRecorder" JVM parameter to WebLogic managed servers; JMC (Java Mission Control) creates continuous auto JFR files in the JFR repository. This is the best and lowest overhead creator APM solution in the APM (Application Performance Monitoring) market. WLSDM manages this repository and displays all the recorded historical JFR files in the "Java Flight Recorder Repository (Auto JFR)" tab in the "Profiling Dumps" page and keeps for the last two days data and prevents the disk increase problems. Find the correct problematic time interval download JFR and open with JMC (Java Mission Control) then identify the problem with the permanent solution.

We are very thankful to our community for their valuable feedback about this release. With this smart WebLogic tool; you would not need any other tool to diagnose and monitor WebLogic domains. It is a hundred percentage obvious that you will increase your WebLogic runtime performance continuously by using WLSDM. Just follow the notifications and don't let them to receive again. Least WLSDM notification most performance :)

We are very happy to support WebLogic community and seeing that our clients solving all of their problems by using WLSDM. Always remember if your WebLogic console is stable and responsive and fast; this means you have the power. Achieve this with WLSDM. Give a five minutes try to learn WLSDM. After then you are going to love it and it will be one of your favorite tool while working with WebLogic application server.

Please check below up to date links about latest v3.2.2 release.

New ReadMe: Totally changed!

v3.2.2 Change Log:

New Help Section "HOW TOs":

Download Latest WLSDM:

Screen Capture-1: JVM System Resources Dashboard

Screen Capture-2: Garbage Collection Dashboard

Screen Cast: New Module "Scheduler"

M.Fevzi Korkutata
WLSDM Product Manager