WLSDM Oracle Service Bus Performance Monitoring

In this blog, we analyzed Oracle Service Bus and how to Oracle Service Bus Monitoring performance & Diagnostics in WLSDM. Let's start with the Oracle Service Bus structure.

Introducing Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven enterprise service bus designed for SOA life cycle management. It provides foundation capabilities for service discovery and intermediation, rapid service provisioning and deployment, and governance.

Service Bus Architectural Concepts

Service Bus is an intermediary that processes incoming service request messages, determines routing logic, and transforms those messages for compatibility with other service consumers. It receives messages through a transport protocol such as HTTP(S), JMS, File, or FTP, and sends messages through the same or a different transport protocol.

Lets view more WLSDM Oracle Service Bus Performance monitoring solution

WebLogic administrators can monitor service performance completion times and diagnose slow services from performance monitoring page in WLSDM. Also, you can schedule daily service performance reports and get daily reports email notification.

WLSDM provides easy access to endpoint URI / WSDL’s, webservice test page and Service Bus console test page shortcuts for Oracle Service Bus.

Also, middleware admins can use complete WLSDM troubleshooting for the OSB Fusion Middleware domain. Server, data source and JVM resources metrics give many ideas to what is going on in the WebLogic domain.

· Service Performance

· Deployed Service Trend

· Service List & Endpoint URIs

· Health monitoring

·WebLogic troubleshooting and diagnostic

1. Go to “WLSDM Menu -> Smart Dashboards -> Health” to monitor OSB domain’s data sources, deployments and servers. alt alt 2. Go to “Smart Dashboards > OSB Smart Dashboards > Services List & Endpoint URLs” submenu. alt alt 2.1- You can use Endpoint URIs/WSDL shortcut by clicking the “View full URI” button (step 1).

2.2- SB Test Console shortcut (step 2).

2.3- “Open in WLS_UTC”(Web Service Test Page) shortcut (step 3).

3. Go to “Notifications > OSB Notifications > Service Performance” to monitor service performance completion times and diagnose slow services. alt 3.1- Detailed view of OSB service dashboards for “Service Performance”. Services can sortable by count and average service performance durations. alt

4. Go to “Smart Dashboards submenu > OSB Smart Dashboards > Deployed Service Trend for Services Trend Summary” page is showing deployed service trends comparison/difference Service Status / Mode historically by previous week, the previous month. alt

4.1- Get email notifications: “OSB Service Performance Daily Reports”. alt 4.2- Get email notifications: “OSB/Service Performance”. alt

5. Go to OSB Smart Dashboards Submenu > “ OSB Monitoring & Diagnostic” for OSB configuration.

5.1- Go to “Configuration > FMW Configuration and Set Threshold. alt alt

Video Tutorial about monitoring Oracle Service Bus

We have prepared a trailer to monitor Oracle Oracle Service Bus by using WLSDM. WLSDM installation is really easy and you can set up a complete monitoring infrastructure in less than 5 minutes.