What is Business Intelligence ?

Many organizations today use a collection of Business Intelligence (BI) tools and applications to allow experts to gather and analyze information from disparate sources across various lines of businesses to meet enterprise wide information gathering and analysis needs required for the reporting and monitoring of business activities.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite comes with new visualizations that will help organizations understand the data within their organization, and ensure that all users are using and making decisions based on a single version of the truth.

Oracle BI Console and BI Tools Oracle BI Domain Structure[Oracle BI Domain Structure]

Publishers, reports, report queries (back-end SQL’s) monitoring, report schedule etc. features managing via BI console.
Oracle Business Intelligence back end SQL's[Oracle Business Intelligence back end SQL's]

Oracle BI separated into two main categories: Traditional BI and self service BI. Traditional BI is handled by an IT team or data specialists who run queries, provide guided analysis, and create reports.

These are Oracle BI Components and for a healthy Oracle BI domain, these components must be UP and RUNNING all the time.
-obisch1 -obis1 -obiccs1 -obips1 -obijh1

How to monitor OBIEE components health and complete Oracle BI domain performance ?

WLSDM’s Oracle BI FMW Component Health dashboard offers you a complete solution to monitor Oracle BI components. You can also track components’ health states historically to detect what happened before.
WLSDM FMW Components BI Components Health History[BI Components Health History]

Receive email notifications when Oracle BI components are shutdown, not reachable or not healthy. This property supports to you monitor your Oracle BI domain proactively and it would help you to increase your Oracle BI’s customer/user satisfaction as well.
BI Components Email Notification[BI Components Email Notification]

WLSDM Oracle Businnes Intelligence Components Mail notification
Below additional WLSDM features organize your Oracle BI monitoring infrastructure to deliver best service high availability:

Detect slow Oracle BI analytics JDBC SQL statements & back-end performance such as EJB, Socket and File I/O… etc.
Monitoring Oracle BI pages and reports’ response times and detect slow pages
Monitoring Oracle BI’s JVMs (Managed Servers), data sources and deployments metrics
Advanced and robust alarm mechanism to monitor Oracle BI
WLSDM Screen Captures to monitor OBIEE

Oracle Business Intelligence Servers Monitoring Dashboards[Oracle Business Intelligence Servers Monitoring Dashboards]
Business Intelligence SQL Monitoring Dashboards[Business Intelligence SQL Monitoring Dashboards]

WLSDM Oracle Businnes Intelligence JDBC Monitoring Dashboard
YouTube Video Tutorial about monitoring OBIEE

We have prepared a trailer to monitor Oracle BI resources by using WLSDM. WLSDM installation is really easy and you can setup a complete monitoring infrastructure in less than 5 minutes. If you want to try then go to WLSDM download page. (Download link is available at below)

Youtube Tutorial Video:

download WLSDM